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Book Cover of Bus at Night crossing bridge with Battersea Power Station in the background
Order Bus travel in South London Stories from the City Over the Water for £9.00 plus postage.

The City over the water is a collection of London fiction written by Chris Roberts and published in October 2019. It consists of short stories set on South London buses. 

Bus travel in South London is a short story collection set on or around South London bus routes. 


The City Over The Water

It’s London but not as you know it. Welcome to the south, the Surrey Shore, the Sunny Side. Get on a bus, go Transpontine and immerse yourself in some of the stories of the city over the water.


South London is Britain’s second largest city held together by shared geography and buses. The stories are set on, linked by or alongside some of these bus routes and are divided between those that might be considered real and those which could be labelled magically real. This is a less than perfect dichotomy in a place that contains a HellRaiser bus stop near the Bricklayers’ Arms Roundabout, dozens of roving bus preachers as well as the Peckham Terminator at Nigel Road stop. If these are real, and they are real, how does one designate the uncanny?

Inside you’ll find angels, cyborgs, pirates and terrorists. There are shapeshifters, London folk demons and vengeful goddesses but also stories of love, friendship, growing up and revenge. The whole world is here in the City Over The Water.


Praise for Chris Roberts' writing in One Eye Grey - Stories from another London.

'A pocket horror show.. far from dreadful and worth every penny.'  Time Out.

'A dread good read. Inspired by a century old genre but addressing timeless fears in a modern voice, (One Eye Grey) will be scaring commuters witless for a long time to come.’ Southwark News Weekender

'Delightful Fortean stocking filler with -hooray!- more to come next year'. Fortean Times

'a-price-of-a-pint-of-Stella rather than a shilling shocker'. The Guardian


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