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Road Kill Poetry South London

These are collections of short poems by Chris Roberts celebrating the brutally shortened lives of a variety of creatures on the streets of South London. These poor animals deserve something to mark their passing, for as one of verses goes, “no passing bell tolls for beasts that die in traffic.”

Road Kill Threnody

These poems were written from 2021 onwards and record the brutally shortened lives of creatures run over mostly in South London but there is also a North Wales edition. 

Interestingly (and it could be a coincidence) there have been a substantial drop in numbers of creatures spotted in South London since September 2023 which marks the extension of the 20mph restrictions. Though I don't think saving the lives of feral rocks doves would be much of a winning policy idea. 

There are four volumes to download free. Two what you might call traditional road death as well as a lido special from 2022 and Welsh one. Click on image to download.

Many of these animals had a tough life but left loved ones behind and should have their death recorded. These were all composed in a few minutes after the sighting.

Create your own, all you need to note is type of animal (if identifiable), location, mode of death and speculation as to what they were like in life. After all it’s what most of get in our own obituaries.

Post on your socials under the hashtag #roadkillthrenody


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