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About Chris Roberts

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Chris Roberts reading the South London bus driver's prayer.

Chris Roberts a London writer and tour guide who has written books on the history of nursery rhymes, London's bridges, lost words and superstition in football. He has been conducting walking tours around London for most of this century.

He is also responsible for a failed musical about Margaret Thatcher and, in the form of One Eye Grey, the resurrection of the penny dreadful in the 21st century as well as the character of the Roman era football commentator Tacticus and the Football Art Masterclass series for the award winning Café Calcio radio show. 


Chris has lived and worked in South London for over 25 years and currently lives in Camberwell having moved there from Denmark Hill and before that Walworth and Brixton. He is a regular swimmer at Brockwell Park Lido and one of his stories about a mermaid that also swam there was broadcast by the BBC as part of their pre Olympic London season.

He is currently working on a collection of short stories called Tales from the Southern Common set in a variety of Transpontine Parks


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